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Start shopping online using these eight great reasons to get going!

Shopping online can be a daunting experience for anyone who prefers going to a store or browsing the malls on a weekend. With concerns like payments, safety, quality and sizing it’s no wonder that many have opted to stay offline when it comes to some much needed retail therapy. We logged on to Woolworths and found eight reasons, why you should start shopping online:

It’s Safe…Many big brands have taken the extra precautions to ensure online shopping is as safe as possible, especially around the payment process. If you stick to the more reputable sites, like Woolworths, that use encryption technology, quickly identifiable by a little padlock in your address bar, once you move on to final payment, you will enjoy many happy hours of safe shopping. Besides, you won’t have to run the extra risk of having some lady spill her hot latte on you whilst trying to juggle her cellphone and trying on a show at the store!

It’s Cheaper…Being able to compare multiple stores online, makes shopping for a bargain so much easier. Type in the item you are looking for on Google, and soon enough you’ll see multiple retailers selling your product at a spectrum of different price points. No need to run around the mall from store to store, trying to find the best price!

It’s Easier…One click and all your favourite items are added to your basket. There’s no need to carry around a heavy basket or pile up a dozen items in a trolly. Finding sizes and different colours is a matter of clicking on a drop down menu and making your selection and removing something from your cart is a lot easier, then trying to find that railing with that exact item on the other side of the store!

It’s Faster…Nothing worse than finding some amazing pants and tops only to get to the cashier and face the Saturday afternoon, end of the month rush! Shopping online, that sometimes never ending queue disappears and paying for your goods takes a matter of seconds. The only lag comes with the delivery which in most cases, ranges from 24 to 48 hours, to your office or doorstep.

It’s Comparable…A personal favourite and something only shopping online can really offer, is the convenience of being able to compare and potentially save. Being able to see an entire store on one computer screen and being able to flip through multiple tabs, comparing the Jasmine Tote with the Laurina Tote, is a time saver and a much easier way of comparing products and offerings. Plus, the Woolworths site features a Fashion Edit section, giving you hot fashion tips, style guides and look books.

It’s More Comfortable…No need to spend an hour getting ready to quickly pop into your local Woolworths to buy some Sheer Lace Brazilian knickers. Stay in your tracksuit pants and t-shirt and get that essential purchasing done from your iPad or Desktop without having to leave the house – an added bonus in winter! Plus, you can shop online 24-hours a day.

It’s Quality…If you are going to shop from one of the more respectable and well known retailers, many of which now have an online presence, you’ll have the peace of mind that you’re getting the quality you’ve come to know from shopping in their actual store.

It’s All Together…Another amazing selling point for shopping online is that all the End Of Range, Top Sellers and Promotions are all grouped together under their own tabs, making it much easier to find all those great deals like WRewards Buy any 2 promotions.

Give it a try and before you know it, you’ll be a seasoned online shopper, enjoying the convenience and thrill, online shopping offers.

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