Spring is in the air and everyone is shedding those winter layers to slip into some sexy lingerie, jeans or swimwear, but that often is not a good enough reason to start behaving well, eating ‘clean’ and loosing those kilos and centimeters for a toned body. Here are seven more reasons to eat healthy:

It’s Cheaper…You’d be amazed at how much cheaper fresh fruit and vegetables are compared to beef, lamb and other exotic meats, never mind processed and pre-made meals. Over and above this, if you’re on Discovery Vitality, that healthy basket of grocery shopping could earn you up to 25% cash back on thousands of HealthyFood products at Pick n Pay or Woolworths.

It’s Better…Fueling your body with healthier meals instead of processed, carbohydrate and sugar-laden tidbits will make you feel like a million dollars. Having your body fueled with only the best and healthiest will give you renewed and consistent energy throughout the day.

It’s Easier…Everything about eating healthier is simpler. Your shopping list is less complicated; ordering in restaurants is ring-fenced to a certain list of options; cooking is probably the easiest of all as everything is either grilled or steamed. Plus, you’ll probably find yourself throwing away a lot less, as your meals are all portioned and planned properly.

It’s Cleaner…Doing the dishes has never been this stress-free. Since you’re not drenching your food in sticky sauces or deep-frying things in oil, the little bit of salad or grilled meat residue is hardly an effort to wipe off and rinse. No scrubbing, soaking or scratching needed.

It’s Predictable…If you hate having to think up lunch or dinner menu’s, a clean, healthy diet will generally consist of very much the same assortment of foods and dishes will tend to be very much the same with your own variance and combinations as your imagination see’s fit.

It’s Quality…If you behave Monday to Friday, take a meal or two on the weekend to really indulge and have a mischievous meal. What you’ll find is that you’ll want to misbehave with only the best meals and avoid any cardboard, plastic fantastic take-away feasts.

Did we mention, it’s Cheaper?…Usually alcohol, exotic imported Swiss chocolates and creamy crab dishes come at a spectacular price. Grilled chicken breasts and salad will come at a much lower cost and you’ll end up saving yourself quite a bit of money to put towards that beach holiday or new wardrobe.

Give it 14-days and before you know it, your conscious daily healthy routine becomes a habit and you can’t remember the days of burgers, chips and cream overloaded curries.

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