7 Swiss Swatch Watches A-Ticking For Christmas

With the festive season in full swing there’s no question, what time it really is? With that Swatch has released this year’s Holiday Collection that celebrates the season in the only way Swatch knows how!


  • The ultimate gift for those who love this time of year, the latest releases from Swatch capture the joy of Christmas.
  • A combination of Swiss identity and festive cheer, the GOLDEN MERRY makes for the perfect Christmas sweater accessory.
  • Six more timepieces complete the line-up, all of them, all decked out with crystals and extra special finishes that capture the spirit of the Holidays.
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Deck your wrists with festive cheer, just in time for the holidays! Swiss watchmaker Swatch has released its Holiday Collection for Christmas that amplify some of the holiday spirit. GOLDEN MERRY, which honors the Swatch emblem DIE GLOCKE and gives the Swiss folk craft of paper cutting a festive glow-up, is not for the faint of heart. This holiday special skilfully combines happiness for the season with images of Switzerland. The watch strap has embroidered holly that contrasts with the golden decorations, bells, and frills.


The watch is shown on a gold-colored card disc with a dial that is also inspired by papercuts. On the back of the container, there are six sparkly ornaments that can be hung on the Christmas tree as a surprise. Image: Swatch

The edge of the dial is lit up for the holidays, and the ornaments include silhouettes of mistletoe, fir trees, a Swiss chalet, and, of course, Santa Clause blowing an alphorn to make the reindeer dance. The glass and case are constructed from biodegradable materials.


Three GENT BIOCERAMIC models from the Holiday Collection feature a novel BIOCERAMIC material combination with crystals – a Swatch first. The opaque dials of SPARKLE NIGHT, PERFECT PLUM, and SPARKLE SHINE are punctuated with crystals and mirrored holes, giving them a dramatic moon-like crater look.


Swatch attached crystals to the glass, not the dial, to provide an eye-catching new three-dimensional shimmering look on the SKIN IRONY 38 models. Image: Swatch

The many watch straps reflect Swatch’s spirit of experimentation and humor. While DARK SPARK is more enigmatic and sensual with a black leather strap in a velvet finish, BRIGHT BLAZE features a clean, minimalist white leather strap. The blue pearlized finish on the leather strap from GLEAM TEAM adds a splash of color and will brilliantly reflect the holiday lights.


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