Packing Cubes

3 Thule Travel Essentials: Level Up Your Wanderlust With Packing Cubes

As your world of travel evolves, so will the need for more efficient and better organized packing. Enter the Thule Compression Cube Set, Thule Garment Folder, and Thule Clean/Dirty Packing Cube – a trio of travel companions designed to maximize packing space and keep your bits organized.


  • Whether you’re a frequent flyer or an occasional explorer, packing cubes help organize and keep clothing items neat.
  • The semi-transparent fabric and contemporary design lets you see the contents without compromising on discretion.
  • And with premium YKK zippers, these cubes are built to last.
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2023 has been a busy year for travel at The Sandton Times and 2024 looks to be no different – in fact, it could be quite a bit more. With that, being super organised is critical to keep travel exciting, stress-free and to maximise luggage space. On a recent trip, we had the chance to try-out the range of Thule Compression Cube Set, Thule Garment Folder, and Thule Clean/Dirty Packing Cube and it truly changed our packing performance and travel organisation.


Let’s start with the Thule Compression Cube Set – a compact powerhouse that revolutionizes the way you pack. This set includes one small and one medium Thule Compression Packing Cube, both made from durable, bluesign approved 100D ripstop nylon. The semi-transparent fabric allows you to see what’s inside while maintaining a discreet appearance.


Packing Cubes
The Thule Compression Packing Cube webbing handle adds a touch of convenience, allowing you to easily grab and hang the cube while on the move. Image: Thule


The key feature of these cubes is the durable compression zipper that eliminates excess air between your clothes, maximizing packing space. Whether you’re a meticulous planner or a last-minute packer, these cubes are designed to fit seamlessly into most carry-on luggage, leaving room for other travel essentials.


The small cube is perfect for organizing socks, underwear, and shirts, while the medium cube accommodates bulkier items like jeans and leggings.


For those who want to keep their clothing wrinkle-free, the Thule Garment Folder is a game-changer. Designed in a sleek white colour, this packing essential is perfect for minimizing clothing wrinkles and maximizing packing space.


Packing Cubes
The Thule Garment Folder hold up to 12 items and fits neatly into most carry-on luggage, making it an ideal choice for business trips or weekend getaways. Image: Thule


The adjustable wings allow for maximum compression of clothing, providing more space in your carry-on luggage. The lightweight folding board, complete with helpful folding instructions, ensures a seamless packing experience. With a durable webbing handle, it’s easy to grab and go, making it a practical choice for any traveller.


Constructed with bluesign approved 100D ripstop nylon and 210D nylon fabrics, this garment folder minimizes its impact on the environment while delivering top-notch performance.


Last but not least, the Thule Clean/Dirty Packing Cube offers a solution for keeping your clean and dirty clothes separate throughout your journey.


Packing Cubes
The bluesign approved TPU divider is easily wipeable, preventing odour, dirt, and moisture from transferring between compartments. Image: Thule


Customize your packing with a floating divider that allows you to allocate space according to your needs. Two Thule Clean/Dirty Packing Cubes are perfectly sized for most carry-on luggage. The durable 100D ripstop nylon material, along with premium YKK zippers, ensures longevity, even with frequent use. The webbing handle adds convenience, allowing you to grab and hang the cube effortlessly during your travels.


The Compression Cube Set, Garment Folder, and Clean/Dirty Packing Cube cater to the diverse needs of travellers, offering durability, organization, and quality.


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