She’s a young, twenty-something, green-eyed model from the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia. Larissa Bartolo is a multidimensional model and has done just about everything, from posing in lingerie to underwater shoots, body-painting, fitness modelling, acting and more.

Larissa’s global exposure is any glamour models dream, having been featured as a model in Playboy, Zoo Weekly, Nuts Magazine, FHM and Maxim to mention only a few, along with an impressive list of print adverts and television work, including Playboy TV. She has a number of titles to her name and has plans to visit South Africa before the end of the year.

The Sandton Times had the opportunity to catch up with this international glamour model in 21 Questions.


1. S/T: Larissa, what’s the origin of your name? We’re guessing Italian?

L/B: You’re very close (laughs)! The origin of my last name is Maltese, my first name is Ukrainian.

2. S/T: What was the moment, when you decided that you would pursue a modelling career?

L/B: The real moment I decided to pursue modelling was when I was quite young actually – probably around 10-11. I was at the beach with my parents and there was a model on the beach having photos taken by a photographer. I just looked at my parents and said: “That’s what I want to do!” – all these years later and here I am!

3. S/T: Is what you’re doing now, what you always wanted to do growing up?

L/B: It is yes! I am so fortunate to be able to live out my dreams! Although my goals within the modelling industry do change on a regular basis. My current goal is to get my booty in as many magazines as possible, and grow my YouTube channel, so I can spread messages of positivity around the world!

4. S/T: You have an extensive list of things you have done and achieved – which one is the one that stands out and why?

L/B: I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world for my career. But I have to say that being able to act as a main character in a big screen movie (Border Protection Squad) was one of my biggest achievements. I didn’t know I had it in me, but I had an amazing time on set, and it was such a rewarding experience! I played the role of an office lady named “Molly” – I actually did a topless scene in the movie (laughs). Very juicy!

5. S/T: What was the worst phase in your life?

L/B: Like many people, I have my ups and downs. I think the worst phase in my life has to be just after high school when I got involved in drugs and alcohol. I took it too far and was very close to losing myself to the addiction. If it wasn’t for my family being as supportive as they were and helping me overcome it, I don’t think I’d still be here! I learnt that drugs and alcohol are not a way to fix your problems. My saying to live by now is: “never drink to feel better, only drink to feel EVEN better”.

6. S/T: You’ve had many shades but which one is your favourite and why? Brunette, Blonde or Black?

L/B: I LOVE the blonde, but it was sooo high maintenance (laughs)! Brunette is my current fav! But I’m sure I’ll change it up again soon.

7. S/T: You have some impressive cleavage, so we had to ask: natural or medical magic?

L/B: (laughs) Medical magic! I love that term! They are enhanced, and they are huge! (laughs) Good fun that’s for sure, even though bikini shopping with this size is a nightmare!

8. S/T: How did you get involved with Playboy?

L/B: I was actually introduced to a photographer that shot for Playboy through a friend of mine (a Playmate of course). It was always a dream and goal of mine to shoot for Playboy! So when I received that email saying I was selected. I never jumped so far off my seat! I then had the privilege of traveling to Bali at the most exotic location I’ve ever seen to shoot my sets!

9. S/T: Are you an exhibitionist at heart, or was it difficult taking that step from bikini to nude?

L/B: It was VERY difficult, I always promised myself I’d only shoot nude for Playboy, and I stuck to that! Playboy was such a huge goal for me. I have no problem with nudity. But It needs to be done tastefully for my liking.

10. S/T: What’s the one thing you would like to change about yourself?

L/B: My anxiety! It does occasionally take over and make life more difficult for me! But that’s okay – I am learning to work through it and hopefully I’ll be able to help others in the process.


11. S/T: Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert?

L/B: I am a little bit of both! With my close friends I am definitely extroverted, however if I don’t know you I can be quite reserved (laughs)!

12. S/T: What’s the one thing that people always misunderstand about you?

L/B: That I am going to be “rude and stuck up” because of my career. Which is not the case at all, I take the time to respond to all the emails, messages and private messages from each and every person who writes to me! If it wasn’t for these people supporting me, I wouldn’t be where I am today. So I have ALL the time in the world for them – they are amazing people!

13. S/T: You recently started a YouTube channel – tell us a little more about that?

L/B: I did yes! This has been an exciting adventure to say the least! My YouTube channel originally started to show all a little insight into my life, behind the scenes from shoots etc. But I’ve recently started mixing it up too, with a few funny videos, Q&A videos and more!

14. S/T: What kind of guy gets your attention?

L/B: Not many! (laughs) I need an honest man, with a good heart & a kind soul. I LOVE adventure and spontaneous behaviour so that’s a plus too!

15. S/T: Are you more into looks or brains?

L/B: Neither. I am 100% into soul and heart. If a person is a GOOD person. They will win me over.

16. S/T: What’s an ideal weekend for you?

L/B: Sun, ocean, beach, cocktails and friends! Sounds perfect to me!

17. S/T: What’s your biggest regret in life?

L/B: I don’t have any regrets in life, although I’ve made a HELL of a lot of mistakes (laughs) – I think you learn from mistakes.

18. S/T: What’s on your modelling bucket list?

L/B: I am currently focusing on the YouTube channel and I would love to some day feature in Sports Illustrated!

19. S/T: Naturally, because this is a blog dedicated to Africa’s richest square mile, detail your most ostentatious night out?

L/B: I traveled to Las Vegas a year or two back, for modelling work and boy was that an insane week! I hardly slept the whole time I was there – I don’t remember much of it. But the video footage proves that I was dancing on tables with my girlfriends having the TIME OF MY LIFE! I remember ending up at one of Vegas‘ best strip clubs! I got a lap-dance…or two and after that it’s all a blur!

20. S/T: When will we be seeing you in-the-flesh in South Africa?

L/B: I have plans to travel at the end of the year! And of course I’d love to meet you all at one of my signings!

21. S/T: Where can fans connect and see more of you?

L/B: I’d love for you all to join me on my social media. Instagram: @larissabartolo. Twitter: @larissabartolo. And of course jump onto my YouTube channel and subscribe and check out my videos!

S/T: Larissa, thank you for your time!

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