Red Bull Box Cart Race

2022 Red Bull Box Cart Race Heads To Cape Town

Last hosted in Sandton, back in 2018, the world-famous and unpredictable Red Bull Box Cart Race will be taking place in Cape Town this November.


  • Teams of all levels, from amateur to experienced, will take over the steep and colourful streets of the Bo-Kaap on 6 November 2022.
  • The most innovative and witty participants will put their driving skills to the test to claim this year’s title.
  • Team SA Bobsled were the winners of the Red Bull Box Cart Race 2018 in Sandton.
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Each hand-made machine is fuelled by creativity and competitive fun – not to mention the need for speed. This unique non-motorized racing event challenges both experienced racers and amateurs alike to design and build outrageous, human-powered box carts and compete against the clock in a downhill race. Not only does speed (and gravity) count, but the team’s creativity in the design as well as how they start their race is just as important for the judges.


The last Red Bull Box Cart Race held in Sandton in 2018 saw over 80 teams showcase their talents and skills to hilarious and entertaining results. That year’s titleholders, SA Bobsled, had the right mix of creativity, and driving skills to clinch the title away from the other teams that took to the streets of Sandton in their respective box carts.


Red Bull Box Cart Race
Potential participants will need to apply on the Red Bull Box Cart Race website where they will need to play a quick online game to get to the application page where the details of your team are entered. Image: Wayne Reiche / Red Bull Content Pool

Winning the Red Bull Box Cart Race in 2018 was the highlight of our admittedly short bobsledding careers, but our mildly adequate engineering abilities and general lack of self-preservation continue on. We have dusted off our helmets in anticipation, and with a new crazy creation. We will be back to defend our title of Red Bull Box Cart Race Champions for 2022. – South African Bobsled Team.

// SA Bobsled, Gareth Turner


Once the esteemed panel of judges has gone through all the applications, the teams with the best applications will be selected and move on to the building phase which culminates in the main race on Sunday, November 6 in Cape Town.


Participating and racing are not for everyone, but spectators can have just as much fun watching and cheering on their favourite teams on race day. Spectators will witness firsthand the twists and turns of the track which can lead to some hilarious and hair-raising action.


This fun-filled family event has taken place in over 52 countries, with more than 120 races since the first one took place 22 years ago in Brussels. Since then, this spectacular event has seen over 4 million spectators from all parts of the world come together to enjoy the festivities of the event.


Submissions are now open for all to enter and race for the title, submit your entry here.


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