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Uber has revolutionized the way that people move around their cities. Through safe, reliable, convenient transport, Uber has changed the lives of countless South Africans over the last two years. Not convinced? Here are a few reasons why you should give Uber a try:

It’s App Based…Uber’s app based technology is quick, intuitive and simple to use. You can rest assured in the fact that you know you can always get a car whenever or wherever you are. Uber’s technology allows you to see your driver’s name, image, the vehicle that he drives as well as the vehicle registration. Riders will always know who they are getting into a car with.

It’s Vetted…Uber partner-drivers are registered to drive on the Uber platform. All driver partners have a professional driver’s permit (PrDPs), roadworthy certificate and commercial and passenger liability insurance. Driver-partners then go through a secondary criminal background check, by a third party supplier that leads the industry. If a very low rating or serious complaint does come up, the driver can be removed off the Uber platform.

It’s Productive…Instead of being stuck in the traffic, with the only form of entertainment being radio and the frustration of other road-users showcasing their lack of courtesy, open up a newspaper or get onto your iPad and catch up on some reading or get a headstart on the days emails before touching down at the office, road-rage free.

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It’s Smart…In more ways than one. Apart from having a German luxury vehicle pick you up when selecting UberBLACK, did you know that you can share your estimated time of arrival (ETA) with family and friends? Your loved ones can track your route when you are in an Uber – this way they will always know where you are.

It’s Cashless System…There is no need to stress about finding the correct amount of cash, or negotiating the fare, never-mind carrying huge amounts of money with you. Just register your credit or cheque card on the app for seamless billing. Upon completion of your trip a receipt is sent directly to your email inbox. Questions or queries? Drop customer support an email and a real live person will be able to answer them.

It’s Affordable…One of the things that make Uber so popular is that it is quite affordable, which makes getting around easier. There are no hidden costs and you always know what you will be charged, by requesting a fare estimate on the app before you take that ride. You can also fare split with friends in the car with you – making your ride that much more affordable.

Try Uber with our help! Sign up with the promo code: ubersandton and receive a FREE first ride up to R100.

It Get’s You Home Safe…No more drinking and driving or getting pulled over in often tedious roadblocks. Now here’s another thing that adds to the popularity of UberUber is a reliable and safe option after a night out and you can rest assured that you will get home safely – not necessarily sober, but safe. A recent study, in Seattle, shows driving under the influence incidents have dropped 10% since Uber launched.

It’s Professional…Uber feels like your own private driver. Uber drivers are trained to make users feel special and comfortable. If you’re lucky, mostly in the UberBLACK fleet, they even provide bottled water. Plus you can rate your driver at the end of every trip – the better the driver the better the rating.

It’s Roadworthy…Uber drivers are trained to take pride in their vehicles and ensure that their cars are always clean and safe. All vehicles have roadworthy certificates and drivers have to show proof of insurance before they are allowed to drive on the Uber platform.

Try Uber with our help! Sign up with the promo code: ubersandton and receive a FREE first ride up to R100.

It’s Growing…Travelling to London, Nairobi, Lagos, Cape Town or Chicago? Uber has a presence in 300+ cities around the world and you can seamlessly receive the same service and the same level of professionalism in any of these 300 cities from the moment you turn on your smartphone again.

It Gives You Money Back…As of July 1, 2015, clients with qualifying FNB and RMB Private Bank Accounts can earn up to 15% back in eBucks when paying for Uber rides with their qualifying card.

It’s Free…If you haven’t done so yet, try Uber by signing up with the promo code: ubersandton and receive a FREE first ride up to R100.

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