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10 Questions For Popular DJ Ralf GUM

Ralf GUM is considered one of the most respected figures in the House Music scene and with a collective half a million plus social media followers, that sounds about right. He also owns one of the most reputable soulful house music labels GOGO Music and is performing in Sandton, this week!


  • Ralf is originally from Germany and relocated 10-years ago to Centurion.
  • He’s never thought of quitting music and can go some days without listening to it, but hardly without creating it.
  • When he thinks of Sandton, shopping, great restaurants and beautiful hotels come to mind.
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Ralf started his music career back in 1990 as a DJ and soon started producing his own sound. Those familiar with his music will recognise it by its harmonies, soul and groove – the main ingredients to his distinctive deep sound. He has been pivotal for international breakthrough artists like Raw Artistic Soul and South Africa’s most recognised house music export Black Coffee.


Ralf GUM
Ralf has never found a good way to organize the music he plays off USB sticks. Image: Ralf GUM

How did you get started as a DJ? I fell in love with music as a teenager and started collecting records, which I wanted to play to an audience. This naturally led me to DJ-ing.


How would you define your sound? I don’t like to box sound too much and limit myself by doing so, however my heart clearly beats for soulful and deep house.


Did you become a DJ for a good time or a long time? I guess after 30 years behind the decks, it is safe to say for a long time.


What has been your best gig to date? There are too many to pick out one. If the sound system is good and you have open minded people listening, the best party can literally happen anywhere.


What is on your rider? Nothing special. The right equipment and some non-alcoholics. If I have to stay over, a nice hotel please.


What would you say is your favourite track to date? I just a released a new single with legendary group Tortured Soul, which is titled “Maybe More”.


What do people misunderstand about being a DJ? Usually they only think of the fun part, which is playing in a venue. To stay up-to-date and relevant means a lot of work in the background, which people don’t see.


Do you have any other musicians you’d absolutely love to work with and why? There’s always a wish-list of collaborations, and my aim is to work thru it steadily until I am old and grey. Some dreams already have been realized and more will happen.


What would you say makes your sound stand out? People tell me that my releases are instantly recognisable due to my specific sound and I appreciate that. In studio I do and mix accordingly to what sounds good to me, so it seems to be in me.


What are your plans for summer 2022? Before lock-down I started releasing a string of singles, as opposed to working on a new album. For this year I will continue doing so, with GOGO Music label release 100 currently in the making and coming soon. So summer 2022 will be a combination of playing gigs, studio work on more single releases and enjoying life.


Catch Ralf GUM and his soulful house music on the San Deck of Sandton Sun Hotel on July 16, from 5pm to 7pm.


Visit Ralf GUM’s Instagram profile for more.


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